Cover Photo By: Kurtis Garbutt

Animal Kingdom:

What could be better than a theme park dedicated to nature, animals, and the great out doors. From the Tree of life to mount everest to numerous animals all around you this park gives you the opportunity to have adventure and explore like never before! Here are just a few favorites.

         Rides: 5223631732_3c1e473d2a_z Photo By:markwalters6 1) Expedition Everest–  Hop aboard a high speed train through the Himalayas! Treck to the top of everest and watch out for the Yeti. This is one of the more thrilling rides Disney World; with high speeds, tall drops, going both forwards and backwards. Tip: This is a ride that you will want to get a fast pass for due to the length of the line being long. You can also ask to wait to sit at the front of the train ( just tell the loading person at the front of the line when you get there you want to wait for the front). Bonus: Everest has a single rider line! this means you can get on the ride in a faster amount of time, though as a trade off you will not be able to sit with your party. However, usually you and the people you are with can get through the line with in 10 minutes or so of each other. 8210587588_bdfc7bd7a3_n Photo By: Jeremy Thompson 2) Kali River Rapids – Rush through these roaring rapids in your raft and hold on tight! This ride is fun and thrilling, but BEWARE: you WILL get wet! and I am not talking a few drips of water and you will dry off in a few minutes, I’m talking drenched and need a change of clothes. Tip: stow your valuables in the water proof area on the raft, wear a poncho/ swimsuit, go when it is warm 3631757694_5d325dbe8b_n3630889695_ebdebf0d62_b3631973790_82080af998_b Photos By: JeffChristiansen 3) Safaris- This is where you hop on a truck and take an African safari filled with giraffes cheetahs lions hippos elephants and much more. Not only do you get the chance to see these amazing animals you get to see them up close and personal. Some may even walk up right in next to you. The best part of this ride is that people of all ages are able to hop aboard! It is even handicap and service animal accessible. Tip: get a fast pass! Other Attractions: 2179606788_371822a07b_z Photo By: Don Nunn Flights of Wonder: If you are terrified of birds, much like I am this show probably isn’t for you. But, if you are of the braver bird lover type this show is for you. View over 20 species of exotic birds flying over you. 2922945286_e7fc3e11e7_n5154083147_861a0726bc_b Photo By: Josh Hallett and Cyndy Sims Parr Lion King show: This is one of the best shows at Disney world. With acrobatics, songs everyone loves, dancing, fire juggling, and more, this show is sure to steal your heart and it is one you will not want to miss.   Rafiki’s Planet Watch ( Conservation Station): This train ride gives you an opportunity to see behind the scenes of where all the animals are kept.  Once you arrive at conservation station you are filled with multiple opportunities from a petting zoo to live viewings of animal births or operations.   Its tough to be a bug – If you want to go inside the tree of life this is your chance! this show is a cute and fun adventure with the characters of A Bugs Life.  Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! We are Ring Cam the only engagement ring box with a camera in it that records proposals! Capture the special moment and relive it with your love forever. Check out our Shop, Testimonials, videos, or follow our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or thinking about working with us? visit our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make your special day last forever.

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