The Ring Cam made capturing her reaction so easy. Even though I already had a few cameras set up, the ring cam was a unique way to catch exactly what I wanted to from her ring’s point of view.


How They Met

In 2007 I was a freshman in high school and Tyler was a senior. After a Friday night football game, Tyler offered to give me a ride home. After spending a few hours sitting in his car talking, I knew that was not going to be the last time Tyler and I hung out. After a few short weeks of talking and catching rides to and from school with him, he asked me to be his girlfriend. After 6 months, our lives began to go in different directions as he was graduating high school and I had three years left. I decided to tell him that I just wanted to be friends and he was of course devastated. Whereas most couples become angry with each other and do not talk after a breakup, Tyler and I did the opposite. We continued a friendship and talked constantly for the next seven years. Even through dating other people, Tyler and I found ourselves constantly turning toward one another for support, laughs, and comfort. Tyler never gave up on me, and he very quickly became an important part of my life. After seven years of growing, when I was a senior at Penn State and he was alumni, Tyler and I decided to give it another shot. After returning home to my apartment after classes one day, I walked into a few hundred hershey kisses on my foyer floor that spelled out “be my girlfriend? Kiss for yes.” It was different because we did not go through the stages of having to get to know each other, or feeling awkward around each other, because we had been so close for so many years. A few months later, Tyler did what he said he was going to do for the last seven years. He finally asked me to be his wife. Who would have guessed that you could meet your soulmate at 14 years old?

How He Asked

For the proposal I, Tyler, wanted it to be something that incorporated a part of both of our lives and nothing matters to us more than family and our alma mater. Having graduated from Penn State with a degree in video, I also wanted to do something that was “me.” My friend Joey and I came up with a plan to try and make this all come together. It took us about 2 months to make the plan and get everyone who was going to help be involved. Emily thought that Joey was coming to State College to film a short video for what he does in LA and that I was going to help him film it, but then at the last second we told her that his actors weren’t able to make it with only a week to spare and that he wasn’t going to be able to shoot it unless we took their place. Emily couldn’t say no. So on the day of the proposal, I picked Joey up at the airport while she finished getting ready. We picked Emily up and went to meet up with the people I “knew from the area that would film with Joey in my place.” We met up with Rada and Tracy of Color Pro Films. Rada filmed and Tracy took “BTS Photos” for Joey, or so Emily thought. We started at the football stadium and made our way across campus in the freezing cold to all the landmarks that meant something to us. I even kept her thrown off by doing lunch at Burger King on campus. We then filmed a few more unscripted scenes that Joey “needed” and then made our way to the Lion Shrine where Rada and Tracy had the final scene set up. While Joey finished getting his camera around for the final shot, I had Emily watch a video that I told her was “what Joey had filmed so far out in LA” that we were helping him with. In reality, it was something I had made, my actual proposal. The whole production that Joey flew in for was just so that her reaction could be caught in the most off guard and in plain sight video/pictures ever! It was perfect and I’d do it all over again.

Tyler and Emily got engaged February 7, 2015 at Pennsylvania State University and will be married on September 24, 2016.