How He Asked

Since July, I had been planning this with her mother and sister, Diane and Emily, along with my sister Rachael. Tracy and I left that Friday morning at 5:30am for our planned trip to Williamsburg. I had made a full itinerary for the trip (which should have tipped her off to begin with because I’m not typically that organized when it comes to trips) and used that same itinerary for both family’s to avoid us up until we met up with all 20 of them at Dog Street Pub for dinner. Tracy and I went to the outlets (it was Black Friday after all), checked into the hotel, and then walked around Williamsburg. We went to an Alexander Hamilton Christmas talk behind the Governor’s Palace Gardens, since she loves the musical Hamilton and Christmas. I then told her we should take a picture at the same spot as the previous year in the palace gardens. She said sure, and then pointed to the wrong spot to take the picture. I eventually convinced her to go to the right spot, since Rachael and my cousin Ashley were hiding in the bushes to photograph the event. I then asked her to marry me… and to confirm the ring was actually in the box. We took more pictures after I showed her where they were hiding. Then at 5:00 we went to dinner, where her family and mine were waiting. She was surprised again. We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday vacationing with our Family and had the later half of Sunday through Tuesday to vacation by ourselves.