The Ring Cam is a unique, special way to record your engagement right from the ring box! You can record the events leading up to the engagement, the actual proposal, the reaction, and the celebration! In this blog post, we’ve outlined ways to get the most out of your Ring Cam footage and how to use your Ring Cam.

How to Maximize your Ring Cam Footage:

  • Tons of Practice– The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel with what you’re going to say and making sure the Ring Cam is on at the right time. This is one of the biggest moments of your life so you want to be able to capture it perfectly. Don’t worry about having extra footage–our editors are able to take it out.
  • Optimal Focus try your best to hold the Ring Cam steady and make sure you focus the camera on her!
  • Good Lighting- when you plan your proposal, make sure to think about what lighting will be available. You want to propose in an environment where the lighting will create the clearest footage!
  • Clean Language– make sure to keep your language clean when you’re recording. Remember, everyone in both families will want to see this. You don’t want any Grandmas or moms frowning at that surprised slip-of-the-tongue.
  • A Lot of Footage– it’s better to get too much footage than too little. Ideally, it’s good to have about 7-10 minutes of footage. That way, our editors have plenty to work with!

How to Use the Ring Cam:

To begin recording, all you have to do is turn the switch on the side of the box and make sure the red light is on. The wide-angle camera is located on the front of the box. No matter what you do, make sure you start recording the proposal early so that you don’t miss anything!

A great video usually includes not only the proposal but the build-up to it. What the proposer is thinking/feeling beforehand adds an exciting, interesting dynamic! Show us asking her parents for permission, the hike beforehand, or even her best friend helping you plan. We love seeing the process of a proposal. We know how much work went in before the actual proposal: capture all of that! 

Check out this video for more Ring Cam Tips & Tricks:


Once you have proposed and your video is complete, simply download and save these videos to any computer. If you want a polished, edited version of your footage, your Ring Cam order can be upgraded to include a video-editing service! Once you have uploaded your videos, our editors will get the edited version to you within 72 hours. Follow this link to the RingCam website to preview past video edits:


We hope that this blog post was helpful in getting the most out of your Ring Cam. For more information about Ring Cam, please visit

This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Monika DeWitt