We’ve all seen Wedding Crashers, right? But are wedding crashers really that prevalent? While we don’t have hard data or statistics in front of us, it’s safe to wager that wedding crashers are real. We have a few tips to safeguard your nuptials from ne’er-do-wells who just want a free meal and an open bar. That’s not to say that your wedding has a horde of freeloaders scheming to get into the reception. But an ounce of security and forethought isn’t a bad idea.

1 . Keep your party small.

A small wedding of 30 or so is not the ripe grounds for crashing that a party of over 100 is. Crashers will stick out in smaller gathering. When attending a bigger party, crashers will blend in. You can’t possibly spend the entirety of the biggest day of your life checking for familiar faces. Even if you did, how will you know who’s a plus one and who’s a crasher? Stick to a small party. It’s less expensive anyway.

2. Have designated security.

This is usually nothing more than having the bridesmaids and groomsmen be a little more vigilant. You’ll be too preoccupied soaking in one of the biggest days of your life. Have your friends in the party keep an eye out.

3. Have a venue that’s not conducive to crashing.

A reception at the family church will be harder to crash than the ballroom at a large hotel.

4. If you do have a large wedding party and can’t verify the identity of a ‘guest,’ be prepared to prod them a bit.

A good crasher might take the time to do a little bit of research on the party they’re crashing and invent a nebulous back story. Push back against these. If that woman really is John’s date, she should be able to tell you something specific about John. Don’t accept vague answers like, “I went to college with the bride,” if you truly believe they’re crashing. Have them elaborate. Where? What did the bride major in? What was she involved in? A guest will answer those questions. A crasher cannot.

5. Make sure that your approved security doesn’t drink too much.

Don’t deprive them off a good time, but it’s always a good idea to have a relatively sober person to keep an eye on things.

6. Relax a bit.

The odds of you having a real-life wedding crasher are slim to none. It’s not a bad idea to keep an eye out, but don’t fret about it. It’s your day. If, on the off chance you do have a crashing issue, let the best man and groomsmen handle the situation.


Again, the odds of this happening are pretty low. Follow this contingency plan and your wedding is, for all-intensive purposes, crash proof.