You have decided that you want to wear a veil at your wedding, but after a trip to a bridal shop or two, you have come to realize that there is more than one type of veil. Allow us, here at Ring Cam, to break down the different types of veils for you, so that you might find one that fits your style.



Sitting over your face, the birdcage veil is the shortest veil in the wedding veil family. It is known for its delicate netting, which is often bejeweled. The birdcage veil is inherently vintage looking, however it has been modernized to fit individual tastes.



This veil comes to rest at your shoulders. It is enough of a veil to cover your face, but not too much if you don’t want to commit to anything too long.



As the name suggest, this veil comes down to your elbows. This is a length that is still manageable for the bride that won’t get caught up on her dress.



Guess how long this veil is. You guessed it – it’s fingertip length. And while this is a little longer, it also has a little bit more drama.



This length comes down the calves it is a graceful, full veil, but if you want more we can suggest something longer.



This reaches the floor and then has a bit of a train, you might need a bridesmaid to straighten it for you, but you can still walk in it.



Simultaneously turn up the drama and elegance with the mother of all veils. It doesn’t get much longer than this, but this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

This blog was written by Hannah P.