3 5 My Family is filled with people who love to drink wine. No matter reds, whites, blends, or desserts, we have a great list for you to try! A fun thing to do before your wedding is have a wine tasting party.  If you plan on buying your own wine this is the thing to do.  Have some friends over, buy a variety of wines and see what you like the best!  Try both red and white and pick one of each.  You and your friends will have a blast. Who doesn’t like trying new wines out?   Another thing you can do to pick wines is to keep a list of great wines you’ve had in your travels.  Remember that first wine you had on your first date?  How about the one on your first road trip?   The one on the picnic last week, the one at the beach.  Wherever it was, the wine and the place no doubt were memorable – even if you couldn’t remember everything the next day!  Choosing something from one of those adventures can be another great conversation starter at your party as well as at your wedding.   If you want to pick something just “different” and get a good value for your dollar – go out of the way to new places for your wine.  There are tons of great wines under $20. You just have to look and be willing to drink a few wines that are “frogs’ that you don’t like.   Here are some great whites and reds to consider from places you might not have considered and won’t break your budget.   Whites whites – New York State Finger Lakes Region – this up and coming area has a ton of crisp refreshing white wines that won’t break the bank and are winning all sorts of awards these days.  Check out the Rooster Hill Silver Pencil – a 2012 & 2014 Award winner.  This wine is available from the winery for around $13 a bottle! http://www.roosterhill.com/index.cfm?method=storeproducts.showdrilldown&productid=6effb492-b300-87d1-d93d-5e099889f8b5&ProductCategoryID=fe68300c-f915-ff51-8229-55ca246b56c1&WineryID=74EB3DCF-C828-CDA6-C47B-5269A6B13A9B&WineTypeID=&ProductType=&wineVarietalID=&wineRegionID=&vintage=&lowprice=&highPrice=&WineBrandID=&WineAppellationID=&lowletter=&highletter=&OrderBy=PXPC.DisplayOrder%20Asc,%20P.ProductName%20ASC&ShippingState=NY     – Another great light and more dry white is the outstanding Hermann Wiemer Dry Riesling.  A 90+ point wine for less than $20! http://wiemer.com/wines/riesling/ – From down under check out the Sauvignon Blanc varietal.This is a great wine – long and crisp finish – the Robert Oatley Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc. http://www.wine.com/v6/Robert-Oatley-Margaret-River-Sauvignon-Blanc-2012/wine/125907/Detail.aspx   – Here’s a fantastic buy and crowd pleaser from Italy- not too sweet, light, crisp, perfect for sipping on the Grand Canal on a hot afternoon in Venice or around the table at your reception.  It also just $10 a bottle!  The Cabert Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio is a real winner. http://www.amitywines.com/vsku1556713.html   – Finally for a little more than $20 – a unbelievable white wine from Sonoma Valley in California – the Gary Farrell Sauvignon Blanc.  For just $25 you can’t go wrong with this wine. http://www.garyfarrellwinery.com/our-wines/shop-sauvignon-blanc   One more tip – lots of people drink chardonnay for their whites – they can be a little more pricey and since there is such a wide range in them you’ll be harder pressed to find something that everyone will like. So be bold and go with one of the interesting suggestions above.  Push them a little from their comfort zones and maybe they’ll also get pushed from their chairs and get out on your dance floor! Reds reds Red wine drinkers can be a really passionate group – so finding the right wine for them is always an interesting task.  Plus, reds can definitely blow your budget pretty quickly if you’re not careful.  And matching the red to what you are serving can be a challenge as well.  So what do you do?  Just like with white wines – be adventurous!  You won’t blow your budget and destroy the taste for your carefully chosen food. Check out some of these selections:   -Australia has some great deals on reds that will pair well with no matter what you serve.  A Shiraz is a great value like the Kilikanoon Killerman’s Run Shiraz.  Under $20 and 90 points to boot!http://www.wine.com/v6/Kilikanoon-Killermans-Run-Shiraz-2011/wine/128849/Detail.aspx   Blends 6   are a great way to get good value and great flavor. Plus they’ll tickle your palate of some of your toughest red experts trying to figure out exactly what is in the blend.  Here are a few,they are great values and great quality.   The Orin Swift Abstract – sometimes tough to find but definitely worth the search and less than $30 a bottle http://www.wine.com/v6/Orin-Swift-Abstract-2012/wine/131911/Detail.aspx   Clos Pegase Origami – is a work of art – a little over $30 but you’ll think your drinking a $75 bottle of wine – http://www.clospegase.com/2010-napa-valley-origami   Mollydooker Two Left Feet – will get your guests on the floor dancing – even if they have two left feet!  It’s consistent vintage to vintage and a real crowd pleaser.  For under $30 a bottle you can’t go wrong –http://www.wine.com/v6/Mollydooker-Two-Left-Feet-2013/wine/131364/Detail.aspx   Dessert Wines dessert Two favorites are Royal Tokay and Clos Pegase Port. Finally, check out some wine from our family friends that Terlato Family!  Terlato Wines International… http://terlatowines.com/ (Photos and Blog by Mark Boyce) Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! We are Ring Cam the only engagement ring box with a camera in it that records proposals! Capture the special moment and relive it with your love forever. Check out our Shop, Testimonials, videos, or follow our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or thinking about working with us? visit our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make your special day last forever.

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