Hot take: College weddings are the best type of weddings. It’s a bold-faced claim, but I have some evidence to back it up. Well, I have some anecdotal opinions that really cannot be disproven or corroborated. Love is worth celebrating, but there’s something really unique and fun about college weddings. At least, that’s my opinion. If you can stand my editorializing, read on.

1. College weddings are novel.

As the average age of marriage is higher than years past, fewer and fewer Americans are saying ‘I do’ prior to graduation. College weddings, much to my dismay, are on the decline. However, this means that the weddings you are invited to will be much more special. College students, being younger, have naturally not been to as many weddings as the generation ahead of them. Thus,the guests of college weddings have also not spent the last few summers inundated with wedding invitations. The freshness of the weddings results in a group of guests who are extremely excited for the ceremony. It’s quite a bit easier to be enthused about a wedding if it’s not your third one this month. I love champagne and bad dancing as much as the next guy, but there’s only so much one person can take in a summer. College students will probably only go to one or two weddings a season. The result is that they are ready to let loose for those few weddings. It’s a quality vs. quantity situation.

2.College kids know how to party

Has Animal House taught us nothing? Some stereotypes hold truth. With no kids, no spouse, and fewer responsibilities, college kids are more apt to treat the weddings of their friends as vacations rather than a ceremony to attend. For younger people, weddings are not just a fun time. They’re expensive parties and ones that typically have open bars. College kids will certainly use that to their advantage.

3. Everyone knows everyone

I once had the pleasure of attending the marriage of one of my fraternity brothers. One fraternity alumnus described this wedding as our “fraternity summer formal.” With the exception of the family members present, the wedding party consisted of college students and recent graduates, nearly all of whom ran in the same social circles. The end result was a vibrant, upbeat gathering of friends rather than a reunion. We all knew the same songs, the same dances, and the same inside jokes. It’s much easier to have a good time with your friends rather than a room of strangers.

4. College weddings have an infectious atmosphere.

Parents and relatives can only bring so much enthusiasm to a wedding. Enter the college crowd, fueled by pure adrenaline, Red Bull, and mimosas. Your wedding atmosphere just reached bacchanalian levels. This will spill over to the other guests. The overall merriment of the other guests will be raised by the college kids. Every location between the bar and dance floor will be utilized. If that doesn’t help older relatives get out of their shells, I don’t know what will.

5. They’re just like any other wedding.

These are some compelling arguments for college weddings. While we’ve laid out some intriguing points, it is worth remembering that college wedding still share one characteristic with other nuptials: they’re about the happy couple and their relationship. At the end of the day, all weddings celebrate the love and friendship that have brought the betrothed together. College weddings may be a little more raucous and exuberant than other weddings, but they’re still showcasing affection, love, and commitment. That’s amazing, regardless of age or time.


Go to as many weddings as you can. College weddings are certainly awe-inspiring and enjoyable times, but amazing weddings are not restricted by participant age, regardless of my opinions. On an unrelated note, DM me if you are a college student looking to get engaged soon and wouldn’t mind an extra guest. I swear I’m fun.