More and more couples are choosing to have co-ed showers instead of (or in addition to) a strictly for-the-bride bridal shower. A co-ed shower is a great way to get all your friends together and introduce the families. Choosing a theme with already built-in activities is a great first-step in planning the shower. Whatever theme you choose should be a theme that both the Bride and Groom will love! Here are some theme ideas perfect for a Co-Ed Bridal Shower:

 1. “I do” BBQ

A barbecue is a low-key way to get all your friends together. Fire up the grill and don’t forget the cold drinks! Complete with music, yard games, and plenty to eat, this theme is perfect for a laid-back bridal shower. For a little something extra, you could set up a screen and projector with a slideshow of pictures of the couple.


2. Bridal Shower Happy Hour 

If you’re feeling classy, host a mixer for your guests. A few friends and a couple drinks is a great way to celebrate your bridal shower. Who doesn’t like an excuse to dress up? With a little mood lighting, some background jazz, and a few tasteful snacks, this theme is sure to impress.


 3. Pre-Wedding Day Relay 

A day of relay races and team-building games is the perfect bridal shower for a fun-loving couple! For teams, you can have bridesmaids vs. groomsmen, his family vs. her family, or any combination to have your guests get to know each other! For the games you choose to play, the possibilities are endless! You could even have your guests make relay/game suggestions before the shower.


4. Sentimental Scavenger Hunt

This is another great theme for a couple who loves being on-the-go! Be creative when making the list of objects your guests need to find. You can choose objects that relate to the theme of weddings or objects that are special to you and your fiance. To add an adventurous twist, send your guests to different special locations where they will take pictures or complete certain tasks.


 5. Bridal Brunch

Who doesn’t love a classic Sunday brunch? This bridal shower will be one your guests can’t pass up! Serve a variety of bagels, waffles, omelets, fruits, and don’t forget the Bloody Marys! Tell your guests to dress up country-club style and make sure to come hungry!

6. Brews Before the “I Do’s”

Invite your guests over for beer tasting! Serve a variety of craft beers or any of your favorite drinks. With this theme, you can give your guests time for socialization, play your favorite card/board games, or plan other fun activities throughout the night. Be sure to include snacks like chicken wings or chips and dip.


7. Super Sporty Shower

This is a perfect theme for the couple who loves sports! If the couple is really into a specific sport or team, host the shower during one of their games. That way, the game can be on in the background and guests can dress in their teams’ gear. This theme can be especially fun if the Bride and Groom support opposite teams!


8. “Before the Big Day” Pizza Buffet

Just like the good ol’ days! Everyone had pizza parties when they were kids, so why not bring it back? Order (or make) plenty of different kinds of pizzas your guests can try! Don’t forget the two-liters, paper plates, and plenty of napkins. This is a perfect theme for the pizza-loving couple or the couple who wants to keep their bridal shower simple and fun!


This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Monika DeWitt