Our Story

How We Met When I was a senior in high school, a friend of mine told me about how she had met some of the players of a hockey team that played in our hometown. After one of their hockey games, a group of my friends and I joined them for dinner and as I walked in the restaurant, I saw a very large table with only 2 people sitting at it because the rest of the people invited had not arrived yet. I decided to sit down next to a guy named Zack. We talked and laughed for hours and the rest is history ­čÖé
How He Asked One week Zack told me he was going to go out of town for one of his hockey games, and of course I believed him. I also went back home that weekend for what I thought was a family birthday party. On the way to this birthday party, my family wanted to stop and see this new venue in town so as we walked up to go into this beautiful outdoor venue, I saw Zack there standing waiting for me. In order to get to him, I had to stop at 5 different wooden posts that he built. Each post represented the years we had been dating and in each box was a hand written note with a bible verse and a picture of us. At the very last post before I got to Zack was a picture of Zack kneeling at my dads grave sight asking his permission for my hand in marriage. Needless to say I lost it then, walked to Zack and of course said YES! His family had driven in from Colorado and our families and closest friends were watching our entire engagement from afar! We went back to my families house for a surprise engagement party! It was the best day of our lives until June 25th that is ­čÖé
Our engagement was such a surreal event! The Ring Cam will allow us to always look back and be able to enjoy that special moment forever! Zack