Keeping children entertained is challenging enough, now try to keep them entertained at a wedding while still celebrating your big day worry free. Many couples fear that the kids will be bored, drive their parents crazy, or worse, run riot. The secret to successfully keeping kids entertained at a wedding reception is to have many different kid-friendly fun activities! Here I have 12 ways to entertain kids at your wedding that will hopefully help!

  1. Outdoor games!

If you are having an outdoor reception where there is some extra field space, why not break out some old-school lawn games! There are many different outdoor game options that can keep kids entertained for hours at a reception.  Some ideas are twister, cornhole, jumbo Jenga, hula hoops, and jump ropes.

2. Indoor wedding? Bring board games.

If your wedding is inside then you can have some smaller board games set aside in their own corner. Kids can have tons of fun playing games like Monopoly, Connect 4, Operation, Sorry, or Guess Who. This will keep them occupied while their parents can have fun and celebrate your big day!

3. Stock a kids table with lots and lots of crayons

Kids love coloring! Make sure to have a bundle of crayons at each seat at the kids table with some wedding themed coloring pages. You could also have a wedding themed crossword or word search too!

4. No need for fancy tablecloths, line the kids table with butcher paper instead

Why dirty another tablecloth when kids would have much more fun drawing on the table anyways! This way they can color off the page and play tic tac toe on the table all night long.

5. Put a different center piece on the kids table that can be played with later


6. Don’t want a kids table? Use an activity briefcase instead!

Having an activity briefcase is great, it’s like a traveling kids table! You can fill it with coloring books, small games, a deck of cards, crayons, and other little things kids can play with. Keeping it all in a briefcase can also help contain the mess a bit.


7. Hire a wedding babysitter

Having a wedding babysitter can make your parent friends feel much better about coming to the reception. This way they do not have to worry about constantly keeping an eye on their kids while trying to have some adult-fun too. If you plan on having a lot of kids at your wedding you could even have your babysitter come with a responsible friend to help. This will ensure the kids are staying out of trouble while still having fun!

8. Get a photo booth with props: kids can make funny faces for hours

Photo booths can be fun for guests of all ages! They are a great way to get people up and doing something. This is also a safe way to keep kids entertained without having to do something that is special for just them because everyone will enjoy having a photo booth at the reception.


9. Have a “kids-only” time on the dance floor

This is a great opportunity to get the kids moving and release some of their energy from sitting at the ceremony for so long. All you need is to give them 15-30 minutes before the adults take over. Make sure your DJ has some kid friendly songs such as “Let it go” from Disney’s Frozen or the newest, Moana, soundtrack. If the kids know the songs then they will feel much more comfortable dancing and singing even if they all don’t know each other.

10. Make sure to have at least one kid friendly appetizer at your cocktail hour

I hate to say it, but most kids don’t like mini quiches and crab rangoons. It’s good to have at least one kid friendly appetizer so they are not hungry during cocktail hour. This could be as simple as having a small candy bar or you could do something with a little more substance like fried mac and cheese balls or mini cheese burgers.


11. Have a movie room next to the reception

It could be great to find a smaller room near your reception area where you could play a children’s movie, especially if your reception is going to run late into the night. You can fill this room with throw blankets and pillows maybe even get some popcorn. Kids can then come in here once they get tired and chill out while watching a movie instead of begging their parents to leave.

12. Have lots of treats

Nothing makes kids happier than seeing a table full of sweets. It could be fun to have a “kids bar” filled with candy, chips, and other easy snacks. Many kids can be picky eaters so this will ensure they at least have something to snack on during the reception, even if it isn’t the healthiest option.

This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Bailey Berberich