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Aaron Evans and Gabrielle Passarella’s Proposal

I had an engraved jewelry box for her since she kept her jewelry in a tiny bin in the bathroom. She desperately needed one. Inside the box was a letter and in the middle of the letter I had a moment where I told her to look at me and from there the rest was history.

Nathan Sarkissian and Lindsay Knight’s Proposal

I told her I had a meeting with LSU’s Baseball Coach and then I took her to see Mike the Tiger before my meeting. (I never had a meeting with the coach) When we got to the Tiger I told her I never had a meeting then I got down on one knee!

Casey Gurney and Taylor Bergholz’s Proposal

I told her we had a private dinner on the beach and it came with a free photo session. the photographer took up to a beautiful spot by the ocean and started taking pictures. we had it planned out where my fiancé would look into the ocean, I was behind her looking at her and when the photographer said turn around, I was down on my knee and asker her to Marry me.

Tyler Boyd and Tracy Howse’s Proposal

I eventually convinced her to go to the right spot, since Rachael and my cousin Ashley were hiding in the bushes to photograph the event. I then asked her to marry me…

Jeremy Francis and Sarah Andrade’s Proposal

Had a private room for dinner at the Canlis in Seattle with a view of Lake Union. Ate our four course meal. After the desert I presented a photo / scape book I created. Nearing the last page of the of the book, I turned on the ring cam in my pocket and got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes! Ended the night with a Seattle Symphony concert!

Daniel Vyverberg and Jennifer Sturgis’s Proposal

Being a pharmacist, I took prescription vials and spelled out “Marry Me?” and attached photos of us around the vials in the shape of a heart. I had not seen Jen in 6 weeks because she was back in NY finishing up school. I picked her up from the airport in Dallas and had a 2 hour drive back to Tyler. I had this display hung up on our bedroom wall and revealed the surprise as she walked in.

Julio Cortez and Emily Cortez’s Proposal

Surprise picnic at Central Park in New York City. Emily was visiting me for the week of Thanksgiving, so we I proposed on Sunday, Nov. 20, so that we could have the week to celebrate!

Jevon Logan and Vecia Gordon’s Proposal

It was like a scene from the Bachelor Finale. I was standing in the park wearing a tux holding a single rose. I bought her an outfit and set it on the bed with a note that read “Put this on and be ready to be pick up at 5:30. I had a car service pick her up and bring her to Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida. Mins before she got there I sent her a video with 200 pics of us with the song by Major ” Why I Love You.” I was waiting on a deck over the water wearing a tux and holding a single rose when the car service dropped her off at the curb, she walked up to me. I held her hand said a little speech and asked the question. People around applauded.

Jeff Spinner and Jess Nolan’s Proposal

Before we start eating, everyone goes around the table and says what they are thankful for. I positioned myself last, so that I could get down on bended knee and propose….

Jessica Klaus and Sam Tzou’s Proposal

I couldn’t contain my excitement as he got down and one knee and asked “will you marry me?” That was the easiest “yes” of my life! He even…

Everett Wickham and Anna Cooper’s Proposal

I walked her to the end of the Basin Trail in the Ft. Fisher Recreation Area of Kure Beach, NC. At the end, on the overlook, I got down on one knee and proposed. She didn’t even notice the Ring Cam!

Craig Cruzan and Jessica Cavner’s Proposal

when she turned to make a final shot, I backed away and got on one knee. My best friend, Michael, was hiding in the bushes (with a full gilly suit!) to capture it from a different angle.

Robert Bires and Sara Bires’s Proposal

We went back to visit the first place we met up at 2 years ago. We went down to the lake where we first were and were able to walk out on the frozen lake 2 years ago

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