As the one who is going to propose, deciding that it’s “time to pop the question” is a huge decision to make. Obviously, the last thing you want to do is ask her to marry you before you’re 100% sure that you’re ready. In deciding whether it truly is time to propose, here are 8 ways that could help you to know you’re ready:

1. You can picture the rest of your life with her

Before you even consider proposing, you need to be confident that she is “the one”’ you want to spend the rest of your life with. Is she the one you want to wake up next to every morning and fall asleep next to every night? Can you picture yourself raising your kids with her? Can you imagine celebrating your 50th birthday together? If you can easily picture your girlfriend by your side throughout the rest of your life, this is a good sign that you’re ready to propose.

2. You enjoy the everyday things with her

If you’re seriously considering marrying this girl, think about whether you truly enjoy doing even the “little things” with her. Remember that if you get married to her, these are things you’re probably going to be doing together. Think about making dinner, going grocery shopping, or even doing household chores–are these tasks that you enjoy doing with your significant other? If she makes even these small, everyday things enjoyable, that’s a great way to know you’re ready to get engaged!

3. You bring out the best in each other

Your spouse should be someone who encourages you to do and be your best. No matter what career you’re going into or what your goals are in life, you want to be sure that the person you marry is going to support you in this. Does your girlfriend make you want to be a better person? If you and your girlfriend bring out the best in each other time and time again, it’s a good bet that marriage is in your near future.

4. You use “we” instead of “me”

Have you found yourself thinking and talking as if you and your girlfriend are a package deal? If you’re already thinking in terms of “we” instead of “me,” this likely means that your relationship is very important to you and your girlfriend, naturally, is part of who you are. If this is true for you, it’s a good bet that you’re ready to propose.

5. You’ve talked about your future together

While surprise proposals are great, she probably shouldn’t be completely shocked/unprepared when you propose. You want to be sure that you and your partner are on the same page before you pop the question. In a serious relationship headed toward engagement, this conversation is bound to happen anyway. If you openly talk about getting married and future life together, you’re probably ready to get engaged.

6. Your friends and family are onboard

Your family and friends’ “approval” of your significant other definitely is not a requirement, but if you can tell they’re all cheering you on to propose, perhaps it’s time to at least start thinking about it! Your friends and family know you really well and they’ve watched your relationship flourish. If they talk about you two getting engaged, forwardly ask you when you’re proposing, or encourage you to make the move, this means they’re onboard for you to get engaged, which is something you may want to take into consideration.

7. You have the means to support yourself (and her!)

Before getting engaged, you want to think about whether you have the financial and emotional supports in place to be able to support not only yourself but your future wife. This might mean that you have a steady job, you’ve taken steps to pay off your college debt, or you have at least made some sort of financial plan. Emotionally, this means that you’re willing (and eager) to support your significant other through every aspect of her life. If you are in a place where you are able to do this for her, this is a sign you’re ready to get engaged.

8. You’re ready for commitment

While you’ve been “off-the-market” for some time now, getting engaged and married means you truly are committing yourself to this one woman. Be honest with yourself and think about if you’re ready to take the next step of commitment. If you can 100% say that this is the woman you want to be your wife, you are probably ready to propose to her. It’s time to make the idea of getting married into a reality.

This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Monika DeWitt