• A Checklist of What Not to Do When Proposing
• 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Jeweler!
• Her Dad Said No Now What?

Sadler Pinkerton And Shalin Pinkerton’s Proposal

How He Asked

In order to get to me and the ring, Shalin had to go on a little scavenger hunt!


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Fares Alsawah and Talia Moussly’s Proposal

I surprised Talia at the Orlando Eye the day before Valentine’s Day (she thought she was going to a dinner with her parents and brother). The Eye is a key spot for us because it’s where we went on our first date. I reserved a carriage that was decorated for Valentine’s Day. Once we were in the carriage with a view of Orlando from above, I popped the question. And of course, she said yes!

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Don't Propose Like These Guys

We’re not saying she’s going to say no, in fact if she’s as incredible as you think she is, most of these things won’t give you too many problems (most). Here’s some tips of what to stay away from.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Jeweler

Ring shopping is tough. If you’re not in the jewelry industry, things get even more complicated. Sure you’ve probably scanned a few websites. After interviewing staff and friends, we gathered the 5 questions to ask your jeweler when looking at Engagement Rings.

Her Dad Said No, Now What?

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