We at Ring Cam pride ourselves on being something of proposal experts. We’ve seen so many breathtaking marriage proposals over the years. We’re constantly and pleasantly surprised by the creative locations our customers shoot with their Ring Cam, be it NYC, the Rocky Mountains, or the shores of the Pacific. However, we are certainly not the only experts in this field. Our very own Jon Tilden sat down this week with Lemar Griffin, entrepreneur and founder of Lemar Griffin Films and Timeless Wedding Stories. Lemar’s a professional videographer, photographer, and a specialist in proposal and wedding shots based out of Denver, CO. Lemar prides himself on being able to offer his clients BOTH videography and photography services at a high level with the same amazing quality. Here’s Jon’s interview.

JT: How did you get into this field of work?

LG: “I was already shooting weddings at a pretty rapid rate at that point. One day someone asked me to shoot a proposal. I fell in love with the opportunity to capture the lead up to the wedding. It was interesting to see the other side.”

JT: What do you love about it?

LG: “The process of it all. The excitement. The nerves. The tension. The anticipation. The planning. There’s so much that goes into a wedding proposal. Someone’s life is about to change and I get to help them capture it.”

JT: “What are some of the most interesting proposals you’ve shot?”

LG: “I shot at the Albuquerque balloon festival, which is one of the largest balloon festival in the world, while they were releasing the actual balloons. I’ve shot one while it was snowing on the highest floor of a skyscraper in New York City. I like those two a lot. Oh, I shot one in Cleveland while it -5 degrees outside. That was rough.”

JT: What makes a great proposal, in your experience?

LG: “Honesty. I like when the groom has an idea and it’s fully his idea. Of course, people can help. I can help. Parents can help. Friends can help. But when it’s 100% the groom’s own, original idea and he just needs a little help… it’s beautiful. When it’s intimate and you can tell he put a lot of care and planning into it. That makes it really special.”

As previously mentioned, Lemar is based out of Colorado, but he’s available for hire in any location. Visit his website and Instagram account for more info.



Instagram handle: @timelessweddingstories